1,000 Sunsets
Interactive Audio/Video Installation
Todd Winkler
The sunset is a strange clock - marking the passing of time each day with a flash of beauty. Most of us are usually too busy running around to notice. Shot over a four-month period, the video images are all synchronized, shot at the same interval before sunset from a fixed camera position. As viewers move slowly towards the wall, they traverse time (video) and space (audio). Using a motion-sensing system, multiple layers of video crossfade from older to newer sunsets, moving the images forward in time. Sounds of the city at sunset were recorded at several locations, starting at the camera location and moving west for one mile. As the viewer walks towards the projection, the location of the sound moves west towards the sun.
1,000 Sunsets is the first iteration of a series of work using sunsets captured over the course of a year using time-lapse photography.
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