Music, Video and Programming by Todd Winkler
Glint is an immersive space where images of real bodies are filled and connected with moving light. The light is created from reflections of sunlight and from digital sources. An infrared camera captures video silhouettes of participants, which are processed and projected back into the space. Although the work may be enjoyed as a solitary experience, some changes in the environment only occur when light bodies touch.
Groups of people may influence the system differently than individuals, with a social component that requires cooperation from participants to produce special effects. In two of the five sections, a fine webbing connects the outlines of the bodies as they move. The perception is that viewers’ real bodies are connected and extended into the virtual world. The technical setup requires three projectors set to fill three walls of a rectangular space, each with a 10’ x 7’ foot grey projection area. Real-time image processing, sound and analysis are handled with Max/MSP/Jitter.
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