Scored for full symphony and featuring the Vanderbilt University Orchestra, Love Song to the Sun tells the dramatic story of survival and surrender of the one-day life story of a tiny bug, through Silverman’s 6-part musical score, and Winkler's synchronized video. The video features prerecorded underwater and drone footage, computer animation and live interactive processing responsive to Silverman's image and performance. Silverman performs on his custom-designed six string electric violin, using an array of processing pedals and innovative techniques to achieve a wide array of new sounds and expression from the violin.
Albert Schweitzer said, “When man learns to respect even the smallest being of creation, nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man.”
Conducted by Robin Fountain, the Vanderbilt University Orchestra.
Love Song to the Sun was co-commissioned by the Anchorage Symphony, Rogue Valley Symphony, Vanderbilt University Orchestra and Brown University Orchestra.
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